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About VIP birthday package

2018. 09. 17.

What other new features are in our VIP birthday packages?

In this little summary we represent our new services to get you informed:

First of all every  Laserforce Arena's birthday package consists the following base features:

  • 30 minutes preparing  time before the game 
  • 1,5 hours laser tag at Duna Plaza orange field for 20 players
  • +30 minutes celebrating time after the game
  • for the party, we provide the plastic cups, plates, napkins, bowls, knifes
  • the parents' can freely bring everything for the kids (cake, snacks, soft drinks, etc....)
  • in case of need we can also provide the possibility to order things mentioned above from us like pizza, 3L-es 100%-os apple juice, etc...) when you make the booking or at the week of the party. Our colleagues will contact you on this matter. 


Extra features with VIP package:



our new, vest and phaser on-line system:  

  • earn levels and new skills 
  • earn achievements 
  • more than 20 online game mode
  • interactive field elements and safe but visible laser light 
  • automatic team balance to make a better game experience. Learn more about VIP system




20 pc unique VIP invitation card  in value of 2.000 Ft. meghivok




Every invitation card includes a coupon for our quest which they can use at their next visit to enjoy our VIP service without extra charge  kupon


20 pc RFID cards for the kids.
  • with the card which the kids can keep they become members so all their scores will be saved.
  • at the next time when they play in our arena, or any other arena using Laser Force force system, they will continue their progress where they were last time.




One piece of Laser Force VIP lanyard for the RFID card for the celebrated kid. nyakbaakaszto




UV war paint :). The kids can use our UV reagent body painter pens to make their own war design. It can be easily washed out after the game. uv




1 pc digital personalized birtday poster from plakat




The VIP package extra price is 6.000 Ft which includes all features mentioned above.